I hear the need for more parking at the Small Boat Harbor. Before we literally “pave paradise to put up a parking lot,” please, please consider moving the park. I may not understand the drawing completely, but a park surrounded by a road and a parking lot is seriously bad feng shui (the Chinese art of proper placement). Even our beautiful mountains and lovely boats in the water are not enough to balance out this sad idea. People have weddings and other gatherings there, right? Who wants to do that in the middle of a parking lot? Move the park, maybe to Picture Point, maybe another spot. Could the outside perimeter of the new parking lot be wide enough for people walking, for a few park benches? That might be a nice solution if the square footage can be spared since the park space would become vehicle space. I don’t believe our town needs to be picture perfect. I like a working town. But really. Lookout Park/Fisherman’s Memorial inside a parking lot? What are we thinking? Thank you. Evelyna Vignola