Local shops reported brisk traffic during last week’s “Black Friday” shopping promotion, sponsored in part by the Haines Chamber of Commerce.

The day is typically the biggest sales day of the year at the Babbling Book, which offered 20 percent off on sales storewide.

“A few years ago we had a higher day, but this was a significant step up from last year,” said co-owner Tom Heywood.

Rhonda Hinson, co-owner of Alaska Rod’s, said her Main Street store was “plenty busy,” although Saturday was almost twice as busy as Friday. Also, some customers seemed to be “scouting” future purchases rather than buying, she said.

Hinson said her business has seen holiday shoppers for more than a month. Most people who are mailing gifts have already made those purchases, and now are just picking up items for local friends, she said.

Hinson said she wouldn’t have a problem with shifting the emphasis of the local promotion to “Small Business Saturday,” a nationwide campaign aimed at supporting independent, brick-and-mortar businesses instead of chains or Internet-based merchants.

Shoppers here enjoy Black Friday, but aren’t as frantic about shopping as people in the Lower 48, Hinson said. “We’re kind of laid back here, and that’s kind of nice.”

Outfitter Sporting Goods manager Eric Ferrin said sales at the store were at least as much as last year’s Black Friday. “It was steady business. That was the main thing.”

Not all businesses reported a sales uptick, though. Dave Canipe at King’s Store said he didn’t think Black Friday has caught on in Haines.

“It was just a normal Friday in cold, dark, windy Haines. It was nothing special, followed by shop-small Saturday,” Canipe said.