It’s an early Christmas miracle.

An Alaska Power and Telephone employee found $6,000 in missing cash behind a desk drawer on the afternoon of Nov. 26, according to Darren Belisle, AP&T’s power manager for Haines and Skagway.

“The mystery is solved,” Belisle said.

AP&T reported the missing cash the morning of Nov. 13. The money had been missing nearly two weeks.

 Ironically, employees were searching for an instruction booklet on how to change the combination on the business’s door locks when they pulled out the drawer and found the cash bag.

“It fell down kind of behind the drawer and sat on the shelf,” Belisle said. “It was all there. Every penny.”

Staff had searched high and low for the money but hadn’t previously pulled the desk drawer out far enough to find the cash bag. “It made us feel kind of stupid,” Belisle said.

The money is now deposited in the bank, he said.