Wow. Haines is a fantastic place to be. I love how people are willing to help and chip in. The Senior Center had a barbecue fundraiser on Aug. 27 and it went well. I couldn’t have pulled it off without all the support I had. Cook Jasmine Taylor-Bryant was instrumental in taking care of the food side of things and being a support. Kitchen aide Rita Brouillette took her time and care in making posters by hand that were very eye-catching and she set up deejay equipment to deejay some music. Thank you to grillers Larry Zehe, Jason Ghan, and Gene Kennedy. And what about that auctioneer, Vic Wratten? What a hoot! Vic stood up in my time of need and auctioned off those wonderful desserts like he was a pro. Thank you to all the bakers who made all those yummy desserts. We had about 17 desserts and I was expecting 12, so about five people surprised me and what a wonderful surprise. Thank you to all the people who made desserts for the $2 table. Thank you, Jerry Pyle, for coming up with the idea of a sandwich board for advertising and then walking around town with it on. Thanks to the people who came and spent money. As a nonprofit it can be financially difficult, and one often has to supplement in order to have enough funds.  So a great big huge, “Thank you!” 

  Cindy Jackson, Haines Senior Center site manager