Haines Borough Mayor Stephanie Scott has made up her mind to fight for another three-year term at the borough’s helm.

To date, the mayor’s race includes Scott and former Mayor Jan Hill, who have declared their plans to run.

“I realized that if people are waiting for me to make a decision and they are going to make their decision based on what I’m doing, it’s not fair to withhold that information,” Scott said.

After months of deliberation, Scott said holding the seat for another term would be worth going through the campaigning process all over again.

“There is a big difference between running for an office and holding an office,” Scott said. “I wanted to hold the office, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to do the running for office again, but then I remembered it’s an opportunity to have a conversation with the community about a variety of things.”

Scott said she hasn’t picked up her packet yet or started collecting signatures.

Candidate packets are available online and for pick-up at the borough office. The filing period opens Aug. 1 and closes Aug. 20.