The Haines Borough Assembly voted 4-2 Tuesday to cover the $11,556 election investigation tab, relieving school board candidate Ardy Miller, who contested the election, of the financial burden.

Assembly members Dave Berry and George Campbell were opposed.

Berry said the issue of who would pay for the investigation was a “difficult situation,” and that he had considered different ways to split the bill between Miller and the borough.

Assembly member Jerry Lapp voted in favor, though during the comment period he stated he believed the same results of the investigation could have been achieved through a less expensive means, like submitting a letter of concern.

Four members of the public, including Miller, addressed the assembly, stating the borough should pay for the investigation, since major mistakes were identified through the investigation report.

Miller reiterated she was disappointed that the election was not overturned and a new election held, but said the investigation still resulted in significant benefit to the community. She also said citizens concerned with how an election was run shouldn’t have to ask themselves, “Just how much democracy can we afford?” when considering whether to contest an election.