Local author and humorist Joe Parnell released his second book this week.

Unlike his first book of “artsy-fartsy poetry,” Parnell promises “The Joe Chronicles” will involve storytelling.

“This one is more traditional in that you can read the stories. Stuff actually happens; it’s like a book,” Parnell said.

“The Joe Chronicles” is a compilation of nine extended anecdotes culled from the last 20 years of Parnell’s adventures. One of Parnell’s favorite stories in the collection offers “a horrifying but true account” of the time he dressed up as a dinosaur at the Southeast Alaska State Fair and several children tried to kill him.

“Locals will probably like the story about me going up the upper Kelsall River in a sea kayak. That was really stupid,” Parnell said.

When asked why he decided to write the book, Parnell said he thought local author Heather Lende needed some competition. “I have a strand of DNA that likes to entertain people and I thought these (stories) were entertaining,” he said.

Parnell self-published 60 copies of the book. Ten copies include photo accompaniments to the stories and cost an additional $5. Parnell said he will consider publishing more books based on sales. “My parents always put in a big order,” he said.

Parnell thanked his wife Holly Parnell for her help laying out the book, and Robin Stevens for offering her editing services.

“The Joe Chronicles” is available at The Babbling Book. The book’s price varies, Parnell said. “If you’re my friend, it costs more.”