Monday, Oct. 25

An officer shot a bear in the school parking lot that had been getting into the town’s dumpsters the last few weeks. The bear was not found.

A caller reported a sow and two cubs on East Fair Drive.

Public works reported a person did road work without permission.

Troopers were advised of a call from a Juneau caller that their boat was moved from Tsirku River to the Porcupine Crossing.

A caller reported trash all over at a Deishu Drive residence.

A caller reported domestic issues with a former spouse.

Troopers were advised that a caller reported rolling their vehicle at 21 Mile but they were unhurt.

Sunday, Oct. 24

An officer responded to a call that a bear was walking near First Avenue South.

A caller reported a large amount of blood found in a hotel room. An officer who investigated said the incident didn’t involve criminal activity.

A caller reported finding a gun in the road. An officer determined the caller was in Juneau.

An officer responded to a call that a neighbor’s dog had been howling in its house and the owner wouldn’t answer the door when they knocked.

Saturday, Oct. 23

A caller reported a bear had gotten into the school trash.

An officer responded when a caller requested extra police patrols at the school because a bear had been seen in the area, and students were there at night for a dance.

Friday, Oct. 22

A caller reported an abandoned vehicle was in their business parking lot at 1 Mile Haines Highway for a few days and was in the way.

A caller reported a vehicle had passed a school bus while it had its flashers turned on.

A caller requested a check on a family member in the Allen Road area who had not been available by phone for a few days.

A person called to get contact information for the state troopers.

Thursday, Oct. 21

An individual reported they were working out an ownership issue with two other individuals.

A caller reported loud music being played near their residence at 3 Mile Haines Highway during the night.

A caller reported a foreclosed home they just purchased had a lock on it. The officer advised they could cut the lock if they owned the house.

A caller reported a vehicle abandoned at the Deishu Drive property four days earlier was still there.

A business owner called police to explain why services were not working for a residence.

A caller sought extra police patrols for a trailer parked in a Fort Seward-area parking lot.

A caller reported a woman and child trespassed at the Small Tracts Road property and would not leave when asked.

Wednesday, Oct. 20

An officer investigated a borough building that was left unsecured overnight.

A person reported they were going to confront an individual about items the individual took from them.

A caller complained of a bear repeatedly getting into trash at an apartment complex on Deishu Drive.

A caller reported a trailer was left on their property by another person.

A person came into the police station, threatening to shoot a person. Police calmed down the would-be shooter. No charges were filed.

Police referred to troopers a caller who wanted a person removed from their boat docked at Letnikof Cove.

An officer responded to a report of a person screaming at Tlingit Park.

A person reported a dumpster turned over at a borough building downtown.

Tuesday, Oct. 19

A caller reported a bear tried to get into the dumpster at a Second Avenue apartment complex during the night.

A person came to the police station to report they found the person who had stolen the their car parked on private property on Small Tracts Road.

A caller reported a motel key was not turned in and they needed assistance to find the person who had it.

A caller reported a flashing strobe light was activated by the pool. Police determined it was an alarm that had self-activated.

A caller reported a dispute between two people in Highland Estates had caused concern for the safety of one of the persons involved.

An officer reported a large bear in the trash of a Second Avenue apartment complex.

A caller reported a vehicle speeding on Front Street.

An officer responded to a call about a large bear in the trash behind a business at Third Avenue and Main Street.

There were 19 medical calls and three calls about dogs.