Monday, Oct. 3

A caller reported a moose had been hit by a vehicle at 27 Mile Haines Highway. State troopers were advised, and a charity was contacted to dispose of the moose.

A caller reported a minor vehicle accident at 18 Mile Haines Highway. The two-vehicle, hit-and-run accident occurred the previous day, and police said they were looking for a black Chevrolet pickup truck that left the scene.

A caller reported a vehicle blocking the entrance to Tlingit Park. The owner was advised to move the vehicle.

A caller reported a vehicle illegally dumped trash on Mud Bay Road, past Carrs Cove.

Sunday, Oct. 2

A caller reported a vehicle in the river at 6 Mile Haines Highway. State troopers said the vehicle had been there since August.

A caller in the Fort Seward area reported a person knocking on their door who wouldn’t go away. An officer responded and found the person had been drinking, in violation of the conditions of release from a previous arrest

Saturday, Oct. 1

A caller reported a suspicious person asking for money at Dusty Trails. An officer responded, and the person was gone.

A person reported damage to their car parked in the Fort Seward area. An officer responded and found evidence that a bear caused scratches.

Thursday, Sept. 29

A caller reported a possible wildlife violation along with firing a gun in city limits at 2 Mile Haines Highway.

Wednesday, Sept. 28

A caller reported a black bear in a tree on Front Street.

A caller reported their vehicle hit a Main Street business, causing minor damage. The caller was advised to exchange insurance information.

A caller reported a possible bear on Deishu Drive. An officer responded and did not locate the bear.

Tuesday, Sept. 27

A caller reported a car had been parked in their driveway at 3 Mile Haines Highway.

A caller reported a bicycle was stolen at the Haines School. The bicycle was recovered the next day, and no charges were filed.

There were 21 medical calls and one call about dogs.

The Haines Borough Police Department can be reached at 766-2121.