The American Bald Eagle Foundation recently sent an eagle and a raven to the Juneau Raptor Center.

Raptor handler Ed Podgorski and intern Matt Wilson first responded to an eagle sighting inside a building at Haines Sanitation.

They captured it with a net and brought the eagle to the ABEF building and tried to stabilize it, Cheryl McRoberts, ABEF director of operations, said.

“We kept it over the weekend, fed it and gave it water and thought maybe it was just in shock,” McRoberts said. “It wasn’t responding very well, so we sent it Monday on a flight to Juneau.”

She said Juneau Raptor Center representatives think the eagle has a head injury.

A raven with an injured wing was reported to the foundation the afternoon of June 19. The raven was found on Union Street, sitting on a dirt pile near the Salvation Army, McRoberts said.

“We shipped it out immediately,” she said. “It had a broken wing; it looked like it was dislocated at the shoulder.”