Preston King, a timber faller with 20 years’ experience in Alaska and the Northwest, offers residential tree service through his company, Trinity Tree Service.

Services include view clearing, limbing, topping, directional tree falling and dangerous tree removal. “If I have space to fall it, I can drop it, if it’s within reason,” he said. He also can cut logs into firewood lengths.

King moved here recently from North Pole, where he lived four years. He has worked in Fairbanks, Kenai and Ketchikan. He is licensed and insured.

“I’m covered up to $1 million in insurance. It’s for the customer’s protection. Without it, if you hire somebody and they get hurt, they can sue you. It’s very important for homeowners … It’s their peace of mind,” King said.

King writes contracts for all his work and has local references.

King said he has already worked a few dozen jobs around town. “I found a good niche in Haines. A lot of times you can’t put a skidder in a front yard. There’s power lines or a shed or something in the way. I can get in there.”

Contact King at 907-385-7331.