Tod, Margaret, and Bozhi Sebens visited former resident Marie McDonald in Eugene, Ore. last week. Marie, who many remember for her talent on stage and as a writer for Capital City Weekly, reports that she is writing a memoir, “Reluctant Frontierswoman.” “It’s the story of the hardships of life in Alaska,” she said.
Bruce and Jenny Lyn Smith celebrated 40 years of marriage last weekend. They heard from friends and family, including daughter Azure Smith. Jenny Lyn and Bruce remembered their Haines wedding and the stormy weather that almost prevented them from flying to Juneau, and on to Anchorage, for their honeymoon. They convinced pilot Gayle Rainey to fly them to Juneau, despite the several feet of snow accumulating in Haines. Jenny Lyn returned recently from a trip to Mendocino, Calif. for a high school “reunion of the 1960s.” Jenny Lyn hadn’t returned to the school since her 1967 graduation, and had only seen one classmate in that time. She learned of the event through friends on Facebook, and was happy for the opportunity to reconnect. Her brother, Arthur Peters, accompanied her to the reunion. Jenny Lyn also spent time with Arthur and his wife Ruth at their home in Willits, Calif.
Nicole Studley celebrated her 18th birthday surrounded by about 40 friends at the Sacred Heart Catholic Church. John Floreske cooked up his signature grilled pizzas on a charcoal barbeque and Adriane Franks made North Douglas chocolate cake. Nicole’s mom Janice baked up a carrot cake topped with German chocolate frosting. Nicole is anxious to exercise her right to vote, and registered Monday afternoon with dad Jim.
Arlene Jackson spent three weeks visiting family. She joined son Hans Antonsen, wife Laura and their children Hans Michael and Karina, for a trip to Disneyland and visited her twin sister Marlene Giedd-Clark near Sacramento. In Seattle she saw son Kris Antonsen, and also stayed overnight with her uncle Ross Tibbles and his wife Bonnie. Before returning home to Haines, Arlene caught up with sister Kathy Tibbles in Juneau.
Friends gathered at the Haines Senior Center for high tea to celebrate the 87th birthday of Maisie Jones. Silver tea service and tea sandwiches were served. Maisie looked elegant in an emerald green sheath and was touched by the musical offerings of the guests. Dwight and Nancy Nash performed a selection of “South Pacific” tunes, and Nancy surprised Maisie with the English hymn, “I Vow to Thee My Country.” Chanteuse Julia Scott was accompanied by Greg Horner on guitar and Christy Tengs Fowler read several poems and offered the original parody “Que-Sarong, Sarong.” Megan Whittermore performed “Happy Birdle Daydle” on her blue ukulele.
Joyce Ryan arrived from Rainier, Wash. Friday and celebrated the first birthday of her grandson Atlin Ryan with son Brad, and daughter-in-law Jolanta. Joyce is planning a two-week visit and will help out while Brad is in Juneau for a conference.
Rev. Jan Hotze was in Anchorage for a meeting and made time for dinner with Dan, Niki and Annika Fitzgerald at their home. Annika is settling into a preschool program while Niki is teaching yoga at Anchorage studios. Dan is an attorney for the North Slope Borough.
George Ann Smith, with a crew of volunteers, prepared dinner for 70 at the Ducks Unlimited banquet Saturday. Prime rib, Cornish game hens, rosemary potatoes and pineapple cake kept the crowd happy and ready to bid on auction items. According to Michelle Stigen, the $9,000 raised was the largest amount brought in by the banquet in six years. Proceeds benefit the DU wetlands program.
Haines school’s fifth grade class raised $876.50 with its annual Pennies for Peace fundraiser. Fourth grade teacher Lexie DeWitt challenged her class to raise more than $150 and promised to make breakfast in the classroom if they delivered. They sold cookies at Howsers, which brought in $190, and continued to collect funds in the classroom. The fourth-graders were the top fundraisers, with a total of $427. Lexie is cooking up crepes and bacon for the class Friday. The kindergarten class brought in the most pennies during the challenge, a total of 6,280, and raised $109.80.
The fifth grade class hosted a spaghetti dinner Saturday to raise money for a planned ski trip to Juneau in February. Teacher Jansy Hansen hopes to raise enough money for ski and snowboard lessons, as well as time to visit the state museum. The dinner raised $500 after expenses.
Mary Jean Borcik and Deborah Davis flew down to visit Kelly Hostetler at her bed and breakfast in Glacier, Mont. The trio had fun shopping, hiking, cooking and knitting together. The pair left for Haines just before Jessica Edwards arrived for a visit.
J.J. and Stoli Lende were home for a long weekend to celebrate J.J.’s 20th birthday Oct. 16. J.J. and Stoli are both at the University of Alaska-Anchorage, where J.J. majors in elementary education and Stoli is a music major. Sister Eliza came from Juneau to celebrate. Eliza is teaching fourth grade at the Mendenhall River School.
Heather Lende returned Sunday from Juneau where she was featured in the UAS Egan Lecture Series. She spoke to a crowd Friday night after visiting with English majors during the day. Heather spoke to an English composition class that included Megan Nye, who is working towards a bachelor’s degree in English. She also saw Marsha Hotch, who is taking a poetry class. Heather’s first column in Woman’s Day Magazine comes out Nov. 17.
 New guidelines for CPR were issued two weeks ago, including that hard, fast chest compressions should come before mouth-to-mouth. Under the revision, which does not apply to infants, 30 chest compressions should be given immediately, followed by two breaths. The guidelines also say rescuers should push deeper — at least two inches on adults — and shouldn’t worry about pushing too hard. Compressions should continue at the rate of 100 compressions per minute, equivalent to the tempo of the disco song, “Stayin’ Alive.”