Seniority means a lot in the U.S. Senate. With losing Sen. Ted Stevens’ 40 years’ seniority in the senate, Alaska is losing millions of dollars every year. Now we may lose Lisa Murkowski’s eight years’ seniority. That will put Alaska at the bottom in the senate. That means Alaska will get whatever is left after all the other states.

That does not include the wild ideas Joe Miller has proposed. The good news is that with no seniority, there is little chance he can get anything done. Joe advertises his being a West Point graduate. That is not the honorable way for West Point graduates. Some of you know Lt. Col. Karl R. Kurz, Haines High School and West Point graduate. So I know of what I speak as Karl is my son.

I fully support Lisa Murkowski, as she is an experienced senator with eight years’ seniority.

Bill Kurz