Robert Beedle, a lifelong Alaskan and current member of the  Cordova City Council, visited  Haines to speak with folks about his campaign for a second time last week. He is running for the District 5 seat now held by Bill Thomas. We were fortunate to get to speak with him during his visits. We are impressed by his integrity, honesty and just plain down-to-earth demeanor. He is clearly a hard working guy not afraid to tackle difficult problems. Also, he does not get donations from industry executives but from the people who want to see him elected.

Robert Beedle told us he wants to work on improved ferry service, not building more roads in our watery and avalanche prone region. He wants new ferries built here in SE Alaska with wages going to Alaskans. In his capacity as an oil spill rapid response trainer, he negotiated with oil executives to get fair pay for oil spill response workers. Bill Thomas did not even return phone calls from his constituents asking for help on this issue. Robert Beedle would also like to get going on negotiating lower utility and heating costs for all of us, another issue that can use some progress.

Robert Beedle is a likable guy with an impressive involvement on a myriad of jobs and projects ranging from 35 years as a commercial fisherman who supports science based fisheries management, to owning and operating a small business. Please consider giving him your vote on November 2.

Sally McGuire and Judy Hall Jacobson