Do we want our town to be another Skagway or Juneau? With helicopters flying over our homes and glaciers? Or high-powered powered jet riverboats gunning up the rivers, destroying breeding grounds for salmon? Do we want more commercial activity than we have already? All for the mighty dollar?

Right now we have a beautiful, quaint town where many residents are truly craftsmen. They may work on ferries, build homes or teach school. We have been doing something right as we don’t see homes with foreclosure signs hanging out in the front yard or an auction being held on the courthouse steps. What do we have to offer the tourists that we don’t already have? We seem to be after the money from the cruise ships, while tourists spend most of their money in Skagway. We don’t have their Gold Rush history here.

Come election day Oct. 5, we have a choice. We can vote in the people that have the desire to work and keep our city a nice, family town or vote for those who want to change this town into a commercial zone.

Dale Cobb