I believe that the recent article about the borough employees who wrote letters to the governor opposing Harriett Hall improvements was about as slanted as I have ever seen come out of this local newspaper. Not only were they right that this project did not qualify for “cruise ship head tax money,” they have the right to be public citizens and voice their opinions. CVN should support anyone who exercises their First Amendment rights, not publicly flog them. After all, CVN uses that same First Amendment right to try to imply they did something wrong. Nice headlines, Tom Morphet, but a little misleading. Haines Borough employees do not give up their First Amendment rights by virtue of their employment status. I also do not think that this subject warranted two weeks’ worth of articles. The first article quoted me several times and even this past one pointed out again that I wrote a letter to the governor regarding this issue. I am very politically involved in this community because I care a great deal about our town, but at least when I voice my opinion, I educate myself first. I recommend that you report, let us decide. Please don’t write articles that are of your opinion and expect us to feel the same way. We can think for ourselves.

Karen Hess