Many of our community organizations strive to attract independent visitors to Haines for various events. Now we have a wonderful opportunity to make downtown Haines a beautiful place to visit.

Developing our old school complex into a Haines downtown staging area, a multipurpose community use complex with a beautiful park, information kiosks, large gazebo as an outdoor performance and music platform and it becomes a community asset rather than liability.

Creating a historical equipment display reflecting our community heritage, including old mining and logging equipment would create a reason for visitors to visit and spend more time in our town. Benches, flower gardens, fruit trees and grass area could really enhance our downtown area and create a community gathering place.

The residual gym and surrounding classrooms could become our downtown reception area! A local artist gallery and arts and crafts outlet could become a place where folks could visit and purchase local goods.

It could become our central staging area for community events and festivals, a central location for visitors to find out what is happening in our town.

On nice days or evenings music groups or artisans could play music or display their skills and create a wonderful atmosphere within our town.

Selling the elementary area to permit expansion of our downtown commercial section could pay for these improvements.

What a wonderful once in a lifetime opportunity to make striking and beautiful changes to our downtown area

If you like the concept, talk to our Assembly and let’s “get ’er done”!

Joe Poor