I would like to take a moment to publicly recognize and express my gratitude to the outstanding staff and volunteers at the Haines Visitor Center. Their unwavering kindness and graciousness towards our visiting guests do not go unnoticed and are truly appreciated. Our team consistently demonstrates what it means to be welcoming hosts, embodying the spirit of our wonderful community. 

I want to give special recognition to Kalani Kanahele, who has an exceptional gift for kindness. We are incredibly fortunate to have him not only as part of our team but also as a member of our Haines community. His warmth and generosity leave a lasting impression on everyone he encounters.

Recently, I have overheard a few comments regarding some other businesses in town not being as welcoming or kind to visitors. As we navigate through this busy season, I want to remind everyone that a little kindness goes a long way. Our actions reflect on our entire community, and it is important that we all strive to be as kind and gracious as possible.

Let’s work together to ensure that every visitor leaves Haines with fond memories of their time here, and let’s also remember to extend that kindness to each other. Thank you to everyone who continues to make Haines a special and welcoming place.

Rebecca Hylton, Haines Borough Tourism Director