I want to thank the community for all the friendship and care given my husband Mark Adams Sizemore over the years of his slow decline in health.  I especially want to thank his friends who continued to spend time with him even when his ability to express himself went away.

Thank you, Deb Kemp and Kip Kermoian for your love and attention and assistance in keeping Mark with us longer than anyone thought possible. Thank you to the volunteer fire department for preparing Mark for his final flight to Juneau. I especially want to thank the fine people at Haines Assisted Living (HAL) for welcoming us both into their unique community. Everyone at HAL went an extra mile to help care for Mark’s many health issues.  Mark never did do anything part-way. 

In lieu of flowers, please help support HAL and give generously. Donations will be gratefully accepted at: P.O. Box 916, Haines, AK 99827

And thanks in advance to Heather Lende for writing Mark’s obituary later this summer. In gratitude and love,

Joan Sizemore