It pains me to see the vitriol, unfounded accusations and attacks by some residents, including our outgoing borough clerk, aimed at our new assembly.  This assembly was elected by majority and consists of thoughtful, caring, dedicated, hardworking, courageous, mostly young people who care deeply about long term economic and environmental sustainability and health, and are willing to volunteer long hours to advocate for what they were elected for. 

Is it unethical for an assembly person to be a member of a nonprofit organization?  Our electoral systems are designed to let people vote for people whose values they support.  That’s how it’s supposed to work.  

Every past assembly had members who were members of various non-profits and some were employed in resource extractive industries like mining.  Why should action be taken against assembly member Natalie Dawson who is employed by an organization that supports Indigenous principles, sustainable practices, and new economies?  It’s clear she’s not violating conflict of interest code.  Members of Lynn Canal Conservation and many others support clean water, biodiversity and environmentally responsible industries. Thank you Natalie for your strong clear voice. 

In the past, longtime assembly members have clearly had financial conflicts of interest and were allowed to vote on those issues time and time again. We all have the right and even perhaps the obligation to fight for what we believe in. But it takes courage to acknowledge losing an election and continue to advocate for what you believe in by working with and not against volunteer elected officials.  

Heidi Robichaud