I’m sure I’m not the only one in Haines who sees that we’re developing a perfect storm: digging deep in the earth not far from water to mine ore — what could possibly go wrong? Transporting ore on earth’s surface over a highway bordering a river and through town– what could possibly go wrong? Transferring the ore from land to water at an upgraded dock– what could possibly go wrong? Installing a 5G tower to irradiate the air—what could possibly go wrong? We’re risking the earth, the waters, and the air of our home, are those risks really worth taking?

I know I live in town in an area that feels somewhat protected from landslides. However I will say that I’m currently enjoying the idea that the landslides are our piece of Earth’s response to our water calling for help, that water is saying ‘Help me Earth, block their way, help them see what they’re doing before they ruin everything.’

Let’s not hurt our air, earth and water any worse than we have already. These things are under our control; some things are beyond our control. In the Bible, God said, “the fire next time.” Surely our modern tech is fiery enough to assist if that project ever comes around the bend. Do we, the current residents of Haines, really have to help that along? Can we please unite to slow it down, please?

Evelyna Vignola