Aksel Archer Stickler was born to Corrie and Daniel Stickler at Bartlett Memorial Hospital in Juneau on April 17. Aksel weighed 7 lbs., 13 ozs. and measured 20.75 inches. Grandmom Becky Nash was there to take care of Olen, 2, who is excited to have a brother. Granddad Don Nash and grandparents Dave and Mary Stickler will get to meet their new grandson when Aksel comes home.

Genny and Harry Rietze and Haines Packing Co. sponsored an Easter egg hunt at Letnikof Cove Sunday. More than 75 children searched for 650 eggs filled with candy or certificates for prizes. Genny’s mom Randa Szymanski flew a drone overhead, giving aerial views to share with friends and family. Organizers said they hope to make the hunt an annual event. Everyone is welcome.

Leslie “L.A.” Graham was named to the winter 2017 honor roll at Spokane Community College. L.A. and Bo Graham have moved to Spokane for the school year with daughters Ava and Heidi Katterhorn. L.A. and Heidi are attending college together.

The 42nd annual Haines Invitational Track Meet is set for May 12-13. Call Tiana Taylor at 766-6733 to help out. In 1971 Haines High School practiced in the street in front of the school for the track meets held in Juneau, since the school didn’t have a track. Coached by Dick Haase, students included Lee Heinmiller who was a senior and remembers Charlie Dewitt throwing the shotput 47 feet. At the meet in Juneau, senior Steve Caldara placed first in the pole vault without being able to practice at home and Vance Blackwell ran barefoot in the 880. Marian Carlson recalled someone blowing into a relay baton, which called a moose out of the woods. Coach Terry Sharnbroich remembers practicing in the pouring rain where what is now the Haines Hitch-Up.

The Uku-Ladies performed in the public library Friday as part of National Celebrate Library Week. Ukulele players included Anna Jurgeleit, Joanie Wagner, Natalie Helms, Madeline Witek, Katie Dickerson, Linda Buckley, Julie Rae, Marian Carlson, Ellen Larson and their leader Kalani Kanahele. The national event celebrates the contributions libraries and librarians make to our community and promotes library use. Buckley was visiting Haines this week, and said she divides her time between her “Southeast Tri-Cities,” Juneau, Haines and Tenakee Springs.

Marley Horner lent his voice to a national podcast released this week. Joshua Tanzer from Hoboken, N.J., has been working to launch the “Kaboom” podcast. Joshua has gone all over the world, from Dresden to Hiroshima, researching the history of bombing. The first episode is about soldier Heather Grayson’s experience in the Gulf War and how an explosion changed her life.

Leslie Ross is back from New York City where she attended an event where journalists and media organizations can hear about Alaska. Also attending was former tourism director Michelle Glass representing Alaska Dream Cruises and former resident Bill Fletcher for Holland America. Michelle and Bill spoke highly of Haines. Flights home were delayed, but former borough manager Davis Sosa came from Albany to show Leslie around New York until her flight could be re-booked. 

Grace Jones is working out of Juneau for the fishing industry and came to spend Easter with her grandmother Linda Palmer, sister Kendra, Kendra’s husband Alex Knight, and nephew Evan. They went to church, hid Easter eggs, and enjoyed a family dinner.

The Mojos, the trivia team of John Hagen, Margaret Friedenauer and Abbey Collins, took first place at the season finale of Trivia Night at the Pioneer Bar. An individual round of 30 questions asked during the trivia season was won by Madeline Witek. Karen Garcia has been the host this year, which includes writing the trivia questions.