The Chilkat Snowburners held their Chilkat 100 and Fun Run snowmachine races at Chilkat Lake on Saturday, March 6.  

Snowburner member Zack Ferrin said, “We had the Fun Run before the Chilkat 100 to get people out there, a great way to entice spectators and get some more entries.” The main event drew 17 entries but not everyone finished. The event followed the Fun Run and consisted of 20, five-mile laps around the lake. Snowburner members spent about a week prepping for the race by setting up the course and hauling in firewood, canopies, and other materials. 

“There were at least 50 sleds out on the lake and many had more than one person on them to watch and participate. It was a great turn out,” Ferrin said. He added, “A lot of us have these sleds that are built and customized specifically for the Alcan 200. The Chilkat 100 is a way to use those as they really aren’t made for any other kind of riding.” The event was popular in the ‘90’s but took a hiatus for years as it requires many hours of planning, setting up, and decent weather to make it a successful event because of its remote location. Organizers did attempt the race last year but terrible weather conditions reduced turnout. 

The Snowburners were unable to put on the popular Alcan 200 snowmachine race due to the closure of the Canadian Border.

An award’s ceremony at The Fogcutter Bar was held on Monday, where winners received trophies and cash prizes.  Racers were not timed, but their laps were counted and whomever finished their laps first determined the place. Sponsors of the event included: The Snowburners, Roger and Nancy Schnabel, The Uglys of Haines, and The Fogcutter Bar. 

Kelly Huff, Randy Sloper and Jasper Strong finished first, second and third in the fan-cooled class respectively. Dylan Swinton, Sean Mclaughlin and Gable Sage were the top three in the 0-500 Class. Zack Ferrin and Ron Sloper were the top two finishers in the 551-600 Class and Chris Brooks, “Little” Jack Smith and Ryan Cook were the top three in the 651-Open Class.

On Mar. 4, teacher Jordan Baumgartener with Sean Asquith took the sixth-grade class (10 students) up to the cell tower on Mount Ripinsky. The group snowshoed to the tower following the main trail route. Baumgartner said, “It was a really beautiful day and Sean and I were proud of each kid for persevering. It was awesome to see their reactions when they finally made it to the top.”

Darcee Ross and her son Drake Messano are back home in Haines. They had moved to Juneau as Darcee received a job working at SEARHC pediatric dental clinic and they were excited to have a change of pace in Juneau. Per the pandemic, Drake was never able to attend in-person school and virtual school was incredibly challenging, Darcee said. “I was talking to my friends in Haines and their kids were in school and this is our tribe, our family. I realized for my son I needed to come back here.” Darcee said Drake is thriving now. He is in the fourth-grade class of Fran Daly, whom Darcee referred to as a “fantastic teacher.” Darcee reported it’s been helpful to be in Haines to be more involved in the Beach Road discussion and understand the process better as her home is in the red zone. While her home is technically still standing, its structural damage is catastrophic and her property is destroyed. The slide ripped off her deck and carport. Her driveway and yard are gone. Darcee is staying with friends Brent and Jess Crowe as she searches for a permanent home and new job. 

 The Bookstore celebrated its first year in Haines this weekend. Owner Amy Kane said, “One year ago I opened the doors of The Bookstore and what a year it has been. Super grateful to be here and for all the kindness and support of this resilient community.” Customers enjoyed 20% off storewide, snacks, and specialty chocolates on Saturday. Olive the black cat was there as well. Olive is a fixture at The Bookstore, accompanying Amy to the shop daily.