I will not be switching to Elon Musk’s Starlink for the following reasons. I don’t run some large business with ultra high-speed internet requirements, nor have mission-critical work where time is money and flat-out speed is a must being done over the net. I don’t live off the grid, and any speed issues I might have are tempered somewhat by the fact that I am retired and just not in such a hurry that waiting a few extra seconds to download a page is an issue. I would still always want a landline and not rely only on a cell connection regardless of my choice of internet service provider. But the main reason is that I like the fact that at least some of the money I pay to AP&T stays here in Haines, and helps support local jobs and the economy. That buying local aspect isn’t always a choice in such a small isolated town, and I would rather use AP&T than to hand money over every month to some big defense contractor who happens to also be the #1 richest globalist in the world, someone who has no such financial investment concerns in any of our local communities. And for what I do use the internet for, mostly streaming movies, video and email, the basic package from AP&T works great.