By Fuzzy von Stauffenberg

As a property owner and resident at the corner of Union Street and Second Avenue, I wholeheartedly support the goals of the recently formed Safe Haines Highway (SHH) group, of which I am a member. SHH supporters live throughout the Haines Borough. We are very concerned there will be a big impact on our community and our daily lives from a significant increase in truck traffic coming down the Haines Highway and through the center of town right past our homes. For the health, safety and quality of life that we all enjoy in our beautiful community of Haines, I encourage you to reflect on how a big increase in truck traffic from the Palmer Project of mines in the Yukon will affect your everyday activities and quality of life. For more information, please read our report, “The Haines Highway Ore Transport Corridor: An Analysis of Potential Impacts,” found at You can also find a hard copy of the report at the reference desk at the Haines Public lIbrary.

Please join me in keeping our roads safe and our lives healthy, peaceful, clean and quiet by supporting the efforts of the Safe Haines Highway group.