The fabled Snow Drago winds its away along Main Street during the Christmas Parade on Sat. Dec. 10.

Beyond the rocky crags of the Chilkat mountains and deep in its icy lair, hidden away under the fading blue of the rainbow glacier, dwells the Snow Dragon. The mythical beast emerges but once a year to enchant the townsfolk. The honorary guest of the Christmas parade, the Snow Dragon snakes its way through town weaving wintry spells to cast off the rain dragon and bring about a white Christmas for the residents of Haines. This year was no exception as townsfolk of all ages braved the icy temperatures in anticipation.

The Snow Dragon has been visiting Haines since 1990. The Twenty-three-foot-long creation of Annette Smith, with the help of Tresham Gregg and Jim Shook, is made of heavy plastic oil drums and takes 8 people to carry. Complete with smoking nostrils and Created 25 years ago for a chamber of commerce Shop-At-Home event and has since become a regular feature of the holiday festivities.

But beware, the snow dragon awakes from its slumber hungry and delights in feasting on naughty boys and girls. So, if Santa’s offering of a lump of coal wasn’t reason enough to behave, it might be best to consider the alternative.