I’m quite black and white about some things, like I know in my whole being that glyphosate, vaccines, etc. are poison, there’s no question for me. With things like docks and mines, I have less certainty, like maybe amounts or scale matters most, like maybe by default they aren’t totally about money and the demise of life on earth. So, I looked forward to Max and Kyle’s piece on the Lutak Dock and then once I read it, I wasn’t sure what I’d read. For one thing there was no concluding summary paragraph wrapping things up. And for another thing, while they noticed all the places where context was lacking, I wasn’t sure if what they were writing was context or not. And certainly, I didn’t get the feeling they would go after the borough or LCC to find out about and write up the missing context for the rest of us. I’m hoping they’ll pursue this topic further and come up with a perspective and understanding that they’ll share. Tom Morphet’s piece and photo of the Skagway Freight Dock did not leave me confused.

I still think the parking lot and wall at the Small Boat Harbor are ugly and out of proportion but at least they don’t move; the water, mountains, and sky are bigger than them (Jan Hill, sorry for doubting you about that) but mines and docks include a lot of other moving parts. Can you really guarantee thriving life seven generations from now?

Evelyna Vignola