Now that we know the Lutak Dock can be an ore dock under any configuration except neglect, let’s have honest, data and fact-based discussions about our economy and support Haines Economic Development Corporation on a par with tourism. 

Building a dock of the proposed dimensions opens the door to extensive freight traffic to justify the investment. It would be dishonest to spend $20 million and not put it to use.

“Examining Claims about Lutak Dock” (CVN September 29, 2022) makes it clear that 1) It would be irresponsible not to repair the dock; 2) The current dock repaired and proposed configurations can serve many purposes including ore and timber; 3) There’s no benefit to continue the verbal contests between government and the pubic of accusing and denying what the dock is for. To protect our robust, diverse environment we must dig into strategic and comprehensive planning. Now!

Let’s be engaged in town hall discussions with the borough and Turnagain Marine to develop uses for the dock for a diversified year-round sustainable, local manufacturing and recreation economy with renewable natural and human resources.

Let’s develop policies and plans that amplify and complement tourism, fishing, and the lifestyle we value and can continue to be known for around the world.

Let’s support fact and data-based economic development collaborations between the Haines Borough, Chilkoot Indian Association, Chilkat Indian Village, the Chamber, and HEDC.

Put real muscle in local economic development. Fund HEDC and economic development with 50% of Fund 23 in 23.

Carol Tuynman