I urge everyone to vote in the upcoming election for borough assembly seats. I am going to vote for Jerry Lapp, Gabe Thomas and Ben Aultman-Moore. With Jerry’s vast experience, knowledge, and ability to listen I feel he will advocate for the community in a moderate way. Gabe has grown as an assembly person, does his homework and listens; I greatly appreciate that. Ben is ready to learn and listen. I will not agree with all their decisions I am sure, but life in communities means compromise. Thank you to KHNS, Kyle Clayton, and Chilkat Valley News for helping me access more information on the candidates and thank you to all the candidates for running; it requires courage, work, and long hours that most of us are not willing to put up with. We are lucky to live here.

Thank you to the candidates themselves who have been happy to take my calls and questions. I would like to thank everyone at the borough office as led by Mayor Olerud and Manager Kreitzer; with both of you at the helm I sense clear communication and more transparency than ever before. I trust the local government, now let’s trust each other and the views we have.

Suzanne Vuillet-Smith