Marc Lutz is the editor of the Wrangell Sentinel and a longtime cartoonist who has lived in Southeast for one year. He grew up in California’s Central Valley, and began cartooning at 9 years old. His grandmother, who lived next door, would read the comics to him until he could read well enough to read them to her. In his mid-20s, after his grandmother had died, his first comic strip “Can Hed Comix” appeared in the Stockton Record, the same newspaper she would read to him. Since that first comic strip, Lutz has created many strips, including editorial comics. “Ducks in Lodi” appeared in the Lodi News-Sentinel for several years, and “Cowlaveras County” appeared in the Calaveras Enterprise.

“Ritter’s River” follows the antics of Ritter the rat and his friends Fergus (a mouthy raven), Bayard (a wayward bear), a rather narcissistic eagle, a moose who doesn’t know how to moose and more. The comic strip takes place up the Stikine River next to Wrangell, but embraces all of Southeast. To see previous episodes of “Ritter’s River” and other strips, visit