Author Nancy Pfeiffer and photographer Fredrick Norrsell of Palmer relaxed in Haines this week after spending the past 14 months rowing their open, 17-foot boat 1,700 miles around Southeast Alaska. “You’re looking at the two motors here,” Pfeiffer joked during an interview. After launching from here on summer Solstice 2021, the two professional guides made stops that included Gustavus, Glacier Bay, Port Frederick, Petersburg, Wrangell, LeConte Glacier, Hollis, Meyers Chuck, Ketchikan, Misty Fjords, and back again via Kake, Kuiu Island and Port Protection. They camped on shore at night and spent winter as caretakers of a lodge near Baranof Warm Springs. An unexpected storm that blew into steep-walled Misty Fjords brought one brush with peril. Check out photos and text of their adventure at Click on Salish Voyager.

Brinley Bea Raining Bird celebrated her four-month birthday with her first swim Sunday at the Haines Pool with mom Shawna Hotch and dad Todd Raining Bird. She stayed in the water for the entire swim. Brinley was born on April 21 at Juneau’s Bartlett Memorial Hospital. She measured 20.5 inches and weighed 8 lbs., 3 oz. Brinley and her family live in Klukwan.

Katie and Tom Wendell were boating and picnicking with friends on the northwest side of Sullivan Island Sunday when they came on what appeared to be a group of about 20 Pacific white-sided dolphins. “They came up around our boats. They swam up around us and were erupting everywhere. It was fun.” Katie’s description matches a listing on the NOAA Fisheries website which describes the dolphins as “extremely playful,” “highly social,” and “often seen jumping, somersaulting and even spinning in the air.” They also work together as a group to herd schools of fish.

A Haines Brewing Co. decal stuck on a wall at a Barcelona brewery helped reconnect two old friends who live half a world apart. Fon Chanida, a chef who lives in Mallorca, Spain, was returning to Haines for the first time in 12 years when she spotted the decal, wondering who left it. She found out when she stepped into the Haines brewery, where Janine Allen is a regular. Allen gave the decal to a brewery bartender when she visited Barcelona last winter. Fon was working in housekeeping at Fort Seward Lodge a dozen years ago when the Haines brewery was cramped into a Dalton City storefront.

Kate Saunders made pies, a cake, a Pavlova, and smoothies with peaches from her greenhouse this summer. Her bumper crop included a 7.6-ounce peach that won best of class at the Southeast Alaska State Fair. Saunders also raises plums and pears indoors and says she’s giving up on her outdoor fruit trees, including apples, cherries, apricots, and hazelnuts. Severe weather and hungry critters have taken too great a toll, she said.

About 150 people from around Alaska and the Yukon Territory crowded the Haines ANB Hall for the all-day Saturday for the late David Land. Jan Hill served as Naa Kaani and Bill Thomas as the invited Raven. Guests enjoyed a meal of boiled fish, salmon, rice, seaweed, cole slaw, and pineapple upside-down cake. Guests included David’s sons and daughters Cara Gilbert and husband Eddie of Juneau, Luke Land and wife Rayleen of Poulsbo, Wash., Kirk Barrett of Whitehorse, Y.T., Gwen Sauser and husband Jamie of Haines and daughter Karissa Land of Haines. Grandchildren in attendance included Grayson David Land, Brandon Barrett Jaiden, and Eli Sauser. Grayson received his grandfather’s Tlingit name, Yaakwaan, during the day’s activities. Gifts during the traditional Tlingit ceremony included moccasins and beaded pieces of leather and fur, said David’s wife Teresa Land.

Angela Wilde and Xavier Martinez were married on July 3 at Tlingit Park. Linda Geise served as officiant. Family and friends of the couple enjoyed wedding cake during a reception at the Haines Senior Center.

Leslie Amelia Rose Whittington was born to Geneva Randles and Michael Whittington at 12:18 a.m. on July 30 at Mount Edgecumbe Medical Center in Sitka. Leslie weighed 7 lbs., 5 oz. and measured 20.5 inches. She is named for her late grandmother Leslie Whittington of Haines. Leslie’s brother Liam Morris came from Wasilla to Haines to meet his baby sister. Her sister Grace Comstock, who spent the summer in Texas, was home in time to greet Leslie home from the hospital. Leslie’s grandmom Amanda Randles, who works at the Southeast Alaska State Fair, said she was awake to get news of the early-morning birth, as she’d just gotten home from the fair’s long, second day.

Charlie Henry and Elise Pfrommer exchanged vows July 2 during a two-day “celebration of love” with friends and family at Pacifica Gardens near Williams, Ore. Guests participated in a multi-media group painting and feast July 1. Nuptials came the following day with Charlie’s dad Dan Henry officiating. Charlie and Elise wore a tunic and dress, respectively, tie-dyed by a Portland artist. Their black lab mutt Totem served as “best boy” and ring-bearer. Guests included Elise’s parents, Mike and Francesca Pfrommer of Lexington, Mass., and her siblings Caroline and Kurt. Charlie’s guests included Dan’s wife Robin Grace and mom Jeannie Johnstone of Borrego Springs, Calif. Charlie, and Elise met on Tinder and live in Ashland, Ore. Charlie teaches third and fourth grade at TRAILS Outdoor School. Elise teaches gardening and works at a student outdoor camp.