Haines Friends of Recycling recently received an unexpected $500 Volunteer Discretionary Grant Award from Chilkat Valley Community Foundation! This wonderful surprise was a double honor initiated by CVCF’s parent organization, the Alaska Community Foundation.

The back story? ACF awards $1000 gifts to all of its 11 Affiliates for their own extraordinary Board Member volunteerism on behalf of local nonprofits. Then each Affiliate Board selects a Member to be recognized with the gift. Guidelines are for the Member to choose one of their foundation’s grantmaking funds and one local nonprofit each to receive half of the gift.

So what’s the double honor? The choice was given to dedicated CVCF Board Chair, Liz Heywood … herself a wonderful HFR volunteer! She chose HFR and CVCF’s Operating Endowment fund, which will cover their grantmaking business expenses. CVCF’s grant awards to local nonprofits have grown over the years to $113,894 in 2021!

Thank you Liz, CVCF, and ACF for supporting Alaska communities through nonprofits!

Melissa Aronson, Chairperson, Haines Friends of Recycling