I would like to personally thank all those in the Haines community who have been so generous this Christmas season. We have had so many in this great community give back by volunteering at the Kettle and giving donations of not only money but toys and food. We have all given so much in the last couple of years with Covid and the disasters that sometimes it can seem like there’s nothing left to give, but as we head into the holiday season our friends and neighbors in need are depending on us. Although we still have a couple weeks to go before Christmas, we are falling behind. As always I would like to be open and upfront with our fundraising campaign this Christmas season. As of December 9, 2021 we are down on donations by about $4000, compared to our average fundraising. I just felt that if we made Haines aware of the need, they would step up and help us to reach our goal for this season.

Your last-minute generous donations will help us to continue to meet the needs of your friends and neighbors by giving them a “hand up” when they need it. Once again, we thank all the donors, volunteers and friends of the Salvation Army, as you “Help Us, Help Haines.” God bless.

Salvation Army Captain Kevin Woods