We owe a big thank you to so many in Haines who have been involved in helping us clean up our property after the December flooding. Haines Long Term Recovery Group has expended huge amounts of time and energy for all these months coordinating work teams with those in the community needing help. Matt Jones and Sylvia Heinz are two of them that diligently kept us informed of each next step available to us. The borough, working with Community Waste Solutions, was immensely helpful with disposing of so much flood waste which we had in abundance! CIA, the “icing on the cake,” facilitated the tear down and removal of two rental units. I know there were many more of you whose names I am not aware of involved in all this wonderful help. To all of you: the relief we feel at being on the other side of this project is hardly measurable. Though saying “we appreciate you” is hardly a strong enough offering, we say it whole-heartedly anyhow, because we do!

Thank you all.

Leonard and Jan Dubber