Your vote will shape the future of Haines. In her last term on the assembly, Brenda Josephson created turmoil, stress and pain to working families, their young children, and professional individuals. With covert back room deals, Brenda came to public meetings with foregone conclusions that she had orchestrated outside of the public process. Josephson’s narrow version of austerity measures was more severe than was considered necessary by many in the public, the borough CFO, and the borough manager. In these trying times we need leaders who care. Brenda has not shown compassion or basic human decency as she undermined borough staff during the beginning of the COVID outbreak, causing energy-sapping repercussions for over a year. Her actions put tremendous additional stress on the staff. When federal money was provided to support financial losses due to COVID, Brenda proposed spending the money on a morgue, rather than supporting the people suffering, especially those suffering due to her severe cuts to the budget. We need intelligence and compassion, innovation and kindness, and leaders who listen to all constituents. Brenda is not that person.

Helen Alten