Haines’ time without community composting didn’t last long. Cindy Zuluaga Jimenez of Spruce & Birch Acres, a small poultry and flower farm on Mathias Ave., has taken over where Genny Rietze of Haines Compost left off.

“I saw that Genny needed some help with composting, and I was thinking of expanding my composting program at the farm,” Jimenez said, adding that she has been in touch with Rietze and Juneau Composts! for help setting up the operation. 

Jimenez is offering households a five-gallon bucket to be picked up once a week for $25 a month. Jimenez said it’s the same system used in Juneau and the charge is needed to make the venture economically viable. “It’s a good amount of work,” Jimenez said.

Her first pick-up was Monday, Sept. 6. Customers will have an option for pick-up on Monday, Wednesday or Friday at 10 a.m.

The service will be offered year-round. Some benefits include being first in line for local free-range eggs and compost when it’s ready for gardening. Rietze offered her composting service, which was free, for three years before ending it last month.

Those interested can email Jimenez at [email protected] to sign up.