We have become lazy and letting our government do our thinking, and by doing that we have become afraid of our own shadow. Fear controls us. Whatever the government tells us, we go along with. Our government told us if we didn’t fight the terrorists over in the Middle East we would have to fight them here and we went along because of fear without a thought of the trillions of dollars added in debt. And now we have TSA and the loss of more freedoms. If life is so precious that we are willing to give up our freedoms, we are doomed. 

Israel doesn’t get into foreign wars. They just do their best to protect their homeland and if they go outside of their country, it is only to strike a very targeted target. 

Because of COVID-19, we have lost 18 months of our lives due to fear, with no end in sight. Fear is debilitating. Fear is being used to control us. 

Even locally, fear is being used to control us. For instance, a Beach Road sign telling us we are not allowed to drive out there or that we need 24/7 police on duty. A lot of the things that are used to create fear are done so we can have more government we can’t really afford. I am not anti-police, if they are needed. And in the bigger cities they are needed. But here? Really?

Leonard Dubber