The speed limit on Union Street is 25 mph.  It feels slow — it is slow.  Between 2nd Avenue and the yield sign with Main Street near the car wash, there are two churches, an assisted living facility, and the SAIL/REACH offices.  Lynden and Borough trucks and equipment enter/leave their respective premises all day.  There is a trailer court where young children live, play, and ride their bikes. There are private residences.  There are no sidewalks; pedestrians have to walk along or cross the highway.  Most — though not all — of the large commercial trucks observe the speed limit.  Many other vehicles do not.  At 25 mph it takes 40 seconds to drive from the blind hill at 6th Avenue to the stop sign at 2nd Avenue.  At 40 mph (a common Union Street speed; some folks go even faster) it requires 25 seconds. Fifteen seconds saved is not worth the possible tragic consequences of exceeding the limit.  Please drive 25 mph on Union Street.

Anne Boyce & Paul Swift

Union Street Residents