Thanks to everyone who attended the Mosquito Lake Community Center’s Open House. Our aim was to showcase our programs, encourage involvement and highlight the facility relevance. Paul Rogers proclaimed his continued support of MLCC’s programs: Victory Garden, environmental education (TWC), yoga, food box distribution, homeschool pod, garbage and recycling. Paul spontaneously stated that he doesn’t see the facility as a “country club,” as some unnamed people had claimed. What does that mean? It seemed odd, but why? A country club is a place to have fun and recreate, like Caddy Shack. But no, this was meant as an insult, a cut down, and he even said so.

I pondered this conversation and remembered a time when I was twelve, newly relocated to South Carolina from New Jersey. The friendly old crossing guard offered to drive me home after school. I sat beside him eating candy, giving directions. He and my mom spoke outside, while I watched TV. Abruptly, the TV was off, my mother sternly said, “Never bring that man to our house again.” The reason being, he wanted our family to join the local country club, the private, exclusive country club only for whites. Mosquito Lake Community Center certainly is no country club. No membership fees, just local taxes. We don’t serve, we work together. MLCC is a place where everyone belongs. When you walk through the doors, you know.


Thanks for the support!

P.S. Our Open House is extended through May. Every Sunday 11 a.m.-3 p.m.

Erika Merklin