The Olen Nash Memorial Big Air Competition was held on Sunday, Apr. 11 at 36 Mile Haines Highway. Organizers were middle and high school students Leo Wald, Arik Miller, Dalton Henry, Griffin Culbeck, Hayden Jimenez and Willow Oakley. Arik, Willow, Dalton, and Leo camped out on Friday night and worked all day Saturday to build the jumps with help from Hayden and Griffin. More than 50 adults and kids came out on a bluebird day to support the skiers and snowboarders. Amanda Painter, Jordan Baumgartner and Jen Talley judged the three divisions. 
 In the Beginner Division, Juniper Brownell took first place, Makayla Henry placed second, and Sydney Salmon third. 
 In the Intermediate Division, Hayden Jiminez attempted a single ski jump and a reverse 360 for third place.  Camelia Bell stuck a high-flying ski grab to tie with Griffin Culbeck. Griffin earned first place by landing a massive jump that got the most air of his division. 
 In the Advanced Division, Arik Miller took second place. Arik’s jump got about 10 feet of air while completing 360s and jumps with twists and grabs. Leo Wald sealed first place in the advanced division by completing a backflip. 
Other jumpers were Koa Doddridge and Dalton Henry. Honorable mention went to 5-year old Zephyr Cox as the youngest jumper. 
On Tuesday Koa won a Never Summer snowboard that was donated by the company after a prize drawing.
Doris Peck celebrated her 92nd birthday on March 30 with tea at The Assembly of God Church and a get together in the commons area at Senior Village where she lives independently. She said it was the first time anyone at the village gathered together in more than a year, and she and her eight neighbors and friends enjoyed chatting together again. Doris said, “I am grateful for another year.”
Doris came to Klukwan in 1985 with her husband as he was hired to be the pastor in the village. She said Haines and Klukwan have been home to her ever since. Her husband passed away in 2005. Doris said, “I am grateful for the years the Lord has given me and for blessing me with a clear mind. I want to continue to be a blessing to this community. I’ve had a good life and I had parents that loved me. You don’t always realize that when you’re young. My parents really loved me and I am grateful to the Lord for their love.” 
Joe Ordonez recently recorded a few Robert Service poems with the assistance from Zac Hudson of Skagway who is cutting the records. Recordings include a rap version of  Service’s classic “The Cremation of Sam McGee.” Ordonez’s daughter, Stella Ordonez, will produce the original art for the album cover. Other poems on the record are “The Spell of the Yukon” and “the Shooting of Dan McGrew” as well as a more traditional version of “The Cremation of Sam McGee.”
“I give a little spoken introduction to each one,” Ordonez said. They are 14 minutes per side. Henry Leasia helped with recording the poems.
Ordonez said he will give KHNS a record soon and he is hoping the rap version will get a little air time from volunteer DJs. Eventually, he will have the records available to purchase on his website and he can also be reached at [email protected]