To increase chances of succeeding, it helps to reduce both the probability and impact of known risks. This also applies to the risks with COVID-19. To reduce the probability of exposure to the germs that cause COVID-19, wear a mask, wash your hands, stay six feet away from others, avoid large gatherings, do asymptomatic testing to find people who could be infectious and not know it. You can reduce the impact, if exposed to COVID-19, by reducing the viral load to a level your body can more easily fight off. This requires reducing exposure time to people who could be infectious and killing the virus if it does get into your nose (just like sanitizing your hands). A .5% solution of iodine can do this in less than 15 seconds. Extensive peer reviewed research also shows inhaling a steam with herbs such as bay leaf, olive leaf, oregano and garlic can stop upper respiratory viruses from replicating. This takes constant vigilance – it’s not a once in a while thing. We don’t know about the long-term impact of this disease – even for once healthy people with strong immune systems, many have suffered significant, possibly lifelong damage to their lungs and heart. Dying is not the only terrible outcome of catching COVID-19. I ask you to please learn about risk management and reduce both your probability and impact of catching COVID-19 – because of the highly infectious nature of this disease, all of our lives depend on it.

Michelle LaBrosse