The Haines Sheldon Museum’s latest artifact. The 29-inch wide and 3.5-inch thick life ring was aboard the M/V Chilkoot, Haines’ first ferry that was converted from a military surplus landing craft. Captain G David Gitkov owned the ring. Gitkov captained the ferry beginning in 1952. He later captained the M/V Chilkat until the latest ferries came online, according to collections coordinator Zack James.

“The Chilkoot was sold to the territory of Alaska in 1951 along with Chilkoot motorship lines because of unprofitability. This of course became the Alaska Marine Highway System,” James said.

The life ring was donated by Gitkov’s son, John Gitkov from Juneau.

Gitkov (right) stands on a dock with the M/V Chilkoot in the background.

Photos courtesy of the Haines Sheldon Museum.