Alaskans have some important decisions to make in 2020. The most important may be the person we send to Washington, D.C. to be our senator for the next six years.

If you want more out of your Alaska Senator than him or her being a rubber-stamp for abuse of power, obstruction of justice, and corruption, consider voting for Al Gross, a lifelong Alaska resident, physician and commercial fisherman from Petersburg.

If you want more than form letters in response to your concerns and needs, consider sending Dr. Al Gross, to Washington, D.C. as Alaska’s Senator.

As a Southeast Alaska resident, Gross understands the importance of regular, reliable, and affordable AMH ferries to residents, tourists, and communities.

As a doctor, Gross will have valuable input to the Senate body during this pandemic to help Alaskans stay well and survive economically. He will also have valuable input on improving healthcare overall and making it more affordable.

As a commercial fisherman, Gross understands the importance of this industry to Alaskans.

You can learn more about Al Gross at

Early and absentee balloting in-person and by mail for state and national offices begins soon.

Kathleen Menke