Haines High School 2019 alumni Dylan Hayes graduated from Commercial Diving Academy Technical Institute in Jacksonville, Florida. Dylan is now a certified commercial diver and has accepted a position with UMX: Underwater Mechanix in Jacksonville, where he is currently living. His parents, Jim and Janet Hayes, said they are very proud of his accomplishment and were able to attend his graduation in Florida. 
Logan Alan Rowley was born to Colton and Rachel Rowley on Sept 9. Logan was born at Fairbanks Memorial Hospital, unlike his older sister Raina, 3, who was delivered by Colton and Rachel’s mother Michele Bifelt in their car in Michele’s North Pole, Alaska driveway. The family moved to Haines in February from Skagway. Colton works for Alaska Power and Telephone. 
Rachel Sparks, the daughter of Skipper and Sabine Sparks, was married to Travis Marks on Sept 25. Alisha Young who lives in Seattle, Washington was a bridesmaid in the wedding. The wedding was originally planned for May 30. Some details were changed as a result of COVID-19 but they were still able to have the wedding at the planned venue in Oregon City, Oregon near their home. Rachel is an interior designer for The Remodel Group in Tualatin, Oregon. Rachel’s brother Ryan Sparks attended the wedding. He lives in Beaverton, Oregon and is a sales representative for O’Loughlin Trade Shows.
Hospice of Haines held their annual Light the Night:  Remembrance Luminary Walk on the cruise ship dock on Friday evening. Hospice Grief Facilitator Liz Marantz-Falvey reported that about 25 people attended the event on the gusty evening to light a luminary for a loved one they have lost. The dock was lit up with rope lights, creating a beautiful visual for observers and participants. Kerry Cohen created an impressive flower arrangement for the event. Participants were invited to have hot tea and a brownie while visiting around a portable fire pit in the cruise ship parking lot. Social distancing was observed in accordance with COVID-19 protocols. 
The final Farmer’s Market of the season was Saturday. The market started on May 30 and ran every Saturday at the Southeast Alaska State Fairgrounds. Extended hours were implemented, incorporating a half hour early start for seniors and high-risk individuals to address COVID-19 concerns. Co-organizers Vija Pelekis and Cassie Miller are exploring ways to safely operate monthly markets this winter, as market vendors have requested the opportunity. 
Haines Middle School science teacher Jordan Baumgartner’s class have created plant and berry identification cards. Signs displayed on wooden stakes are on the Chilkoot Indian Association (CIA) nature trails across from the Haines School and the trail between the Pool and Starvin’ Marvin’ Garden. Baumgartner and students created a scavenger hunt for younger students to utilize. The Haines Borough School District is incorporating as much outdoor education as possible to provide students and staff with necessary outdoor socially distant mask breaks. 
Ramie Carlson’s fifth grade class and Sofia Armstrong’s first grade class were among the classes that participated in the educational scavenger hunt. Chilkat Valley Preschool volunteer Alissa Henry said preschool students benefited from the educational walk, too. Takshanuk Watershed Council and the Haines Borough Public Library after school youth hiking program also learned about native plants from the middle schoolers as they hike the CIA trails weekly. The CIA trails are accessible and well-designed and continue to expand. The signs were taken down this week by the science class.