Kyle Clayton
CVN CANOE — Erik Forster glues layers of the Chilkat Valley News to form the core of a fiberglass canoe. Forster used his sister-in-law’s canoe as a mold. “I always liked it but hers is like three thousand bucks,” Forster said. “I figured with newspaper and glue and a little fiberglass I ought to be able to make one for about one hundred and fifty bucks. It’s not going to be quite as perfect as hers but it will float. And it will crush the crazy raft race next Fourth of July.” Forster used about 50 issues of the CVN to build the papier mache core. He will coat the inside and outside of the newspapers with marine resin and fiberglass. He’ll then construct wooden rails around the canoe. Forster films building projects like the canoe, along with others including a homemade machete, chicken coop, concrete fire tables projects on his YouTube Channel Skookum Living.