For decades I have been immersed in health documentaries that have been seen by millions of people. My wife is an M.D. 

The backstory of COVID-19 and the billions invested in American biowarfare research is horrifying. Equally so is taping the mouths shut of microbiologists, virologists and immunologists that provide data that countervails the trash being shoveled by the global technocratic elites.

The mask is not about health safety. There is zero substantive evidence to support this claim. I compile salient facts at 

Mask wearing contributes to hypoxia and exacerbates health issues in the wearer.  It’s an initiation for a contrived compliance to future medical violence. Think rape, imprisonment and suicide or murder by your own choice.

The real virus is an idea, based on sophisticated social engineering and openly declared in published government papers for decades. It is slick psychological persuasion well documented by Solomon Asch and Stanley Milgram. These tyrannical mandates are constitutionally illegal and astonishingly unscientific yet cloaked in the “greater good”. But in fact, it is an incremental beta test aimed to force fake vaccines, surveillance, and a final frog march to any right to choose altogether.

It is now a race against time.

You can wear a face diaper and walk through life like a creepy, anonymous bandit, or pray for open minds and truth to prevail. We need to live free. 

Steve Kroschel