Debra deserved better. So did the people of Haines.

I look forward to the day when petty people who misuse their political power are no longer elected. I apologize for voting for Paul Rogers. I had no idea that he was a lackey for Don Turner Jr. or that he was so weak in the knees that he would seek utmost revenge on a woman who dared to question him.

It never made sense to me that Rogers wanted to end the lending of library books for fear that they would spread the COVID-19 virus. And, also at the same time heap blame on Debra for asking people to wear masks. In retrospect, I think he saw the non-lending issue as just another way to decommission the library that he so sorely wants to defund.

It was disturbing that Brenda Josephson and Gabe Thomas tagged along with Rogers to destabilize our community once again. But, I knew all along that Mayor Jan Hill would join in the vendetta regardless of the financial and emotional cost to Haines. Given a choice she always chooses to hunker down with her posse, rather than to listen to anyone outside it.

I had hoped that the assembly would reconsider its vote to fire Debra and give her the chance to fix what some assembly members deemed she did wrong. She and we deserved at least that. Sad to say, they weren’t open to even that tiny decency.

Sharon Resnick