Haines library’s 2019 fall Scholastic Book Fair this month generated more than $1,200 for new books. Instead of using plastic bags, librarian Leigh Horner held a design contest for art to place on reusable bags. More than 14 students submitted designs and Matilda Rogers’ art was selected. The library also held a drawing for “Tundra books” donated by the author Chad Carpenter. The daily winners included CC Elliot, Orion Carrington, Klover Cinocco, Isabella Cheney, Kate Benda and Mikey Maas.
City League basketball started this month in the school gym. Team captains include Tyler Swinton, Jesse McGraw, Dylan Swinton, and Daniel Stickler. Games are held on Sunday at the high school gym at 6p.m. and 7:20p.m. Also, the women’s basketball begins at 4:30 p.m., with a shoot- around starting at 4p.m. “We really want beginners or people that haven’t had a chance to play for a while to get a chance to feel comfortable and come practice,” said Keely Baumgartner.
Haines graduate Riley Erekson has started a new job with Atomo Coffee in Seattle. “I’m working as a product development scientist to create molecular coffee, or coffee without the bean. We are using upcycled ingredients to recreate the taste, aroma, look, etc. of coffee,” said Erekson. The Atomo company is the first of its kind and claims to offer the same cup of joe as your local coffee shop without a single coffee bean. Riley’s boss, Quinn Glabicki, was inspired to start the company due to the many environmental factors that it takes to source coffee beans throughout the world.
Brian Elliott was officially nominated into the Skagway Elks Lodge # 431 last weekend. He was nominated by fellow Elks as a qualified candidate. “Elks is a national organization that raises lots of money for schools and charities,” said Elliot. Nationwide, the Elks have raised over $80 million for “benevolent, educational and patriotic community-minded programs.” After his induction, friends gathered to celebrate Chris Dixon’s 40th birthday also in Skagway. Others who traveled for the festivities included Jeff Wackerman, Gavin Long, Luck Dunbar, Ira Henry, and Skagway local Aaron “AT” Thomas.
Kyle Clayton recently returned from a 10-day Vipassana Meditation course in Onalaska, Washington with his brother Troy Wingert. “We spent a bulk of the trip unable to speak to each other because we weren’t allowed to talk during the course. One day I wrote an entire Chilkat Valley News story in my head,” said Clayton. One of the highlights was on day 8 when they had tacos for lunch and he savored every bite with a calm and clarity which is difficult to experience in a fast-paced life, he said. “Enjoying the lunch sounds simple, but that’s really the point of the courses, to cultivate a sense of gratitude and appreciation for the present moment,” Clayton said. He returned to Alaska to listen to the podcast “Crude: Creating Podcast About Alaskans,” for which he was interviewed by Cody Liska. Clayton talked about how he came to the Chilkat Valley, how his four years in the Army shaped who he is today and how it has impacted him. To listen to the podcast, go to patreon.com/crudemagazine.
Chamber director Tracey Harmon and Katie Dickerson of the American Bald Eagle Foundation are featured in the latest installment of the By Haines video series on Facebook. The clip talks about the upcoming American Bald Eagle Festival in November. Also in the video is a featured shot of an eagle release at the Jilkaat Kwan Heritage Center shot by Marty Fowler. The By Haines “Spotlight” videos highlight local businesses and events happening in the Chilkat Valley.