Contrary to an article in last week’s Chilkat Valley News, the Haines Economic Development Corporation has not directed staff to “begin assessing the socio-economic impact of a mine in the Chilkat Valley.” HEDC has been closely following the release of the Preliminary Economic Assessment of the Palmer Project. We are interested in learning how PEAs can be used to help a community discuss and plan for possible economic impacts and benefits of a potential mining operation near Haines. We are not currently planning to conduct an independent analysis or assessment of a potential mine. There are several recent studies – including HEDC’s 2018 Baseline Economic Report – that provide information about the mining industry’s impact on the local and regional economy. HEDC looks forward to joining in ongoing community discussions, including our involvement in the Chilkat Valley Mining Forum Steering Committee, about long-range economic planning and development for Haines across all industries.

Margaret Friedenauer

executive director, HEDC