This valley is a rare, gleaming haven for many to avoid the noise, pollution, crime and overcrowding that plagues the rest of the planet. But one ominous threat that is virtually inescapable—and that hugely overshadows every other environmental concern—is that of wireless radiation. I am shocked how few people are aware of this horror unfolding, or believe this is a very real threat to all life forms. Everything—animals, plants, insects and microbes. Nobody seems to be aware of or give a damn that Fifth Generation Wireless is now being “deployed” everywhere without any significant studies about the safety of this unfettered technology which literally destroys the brain. Making us stupid. Literally.

Over 25,000 studies confirm the disastrous consequences already which include infertility, heart disease, cancer, diabetes and especially neuropsychiatric effects. The exposure of living organisms worldwide to 2.4 gigahertz especially, is a QUINTILLION times what it was 8 years ago (that’s 1 with 18 zeroes after it).

Now, with 5G, living things will get unrelentingly fried like chicken 24/7. Former CEO of Microsoft Canada, Frank Clegg (, quit his job because he realized this “inconvenient truth.” Don’t be fooled by the shiny bread and circus of an industry gone wild. There are ways to protect yourself and still use these devices including in our schools! The Chilkat Valley is one of the last places to find refuge from ubiquitous radiation. For me, it is already a selling point to beckon tourists.

Steve Kroschel